NK Dunk Trail End 20210904

NK Dunk Trail End

8cd77-450 [NK dunk trail end] L-1 Mocha shoes released in 2007, the secondary market has basically disappeared. The design source of TS barb realizes the dream, and dunk returns to the peak market. The shoes made by big factories are perfect in size 39-47.5

After thousands of hardships, shoes finally received! Double 11 express is too busy. It’s a week from delivery to delivery. It’s been checked. It’s genuine. Try it on. It’s the right size. It’s a little tight for people with high instep. However, the overall situation is good. The workshop is too noisy to hear the phone. Let the express delivery personnel take it to the supermarket downstairs to collect it. It may be that the courier forgot my name. I sent them by phone twice, but they didn’t deliver them. The express was also very busy. I called him back several times, but they were still on the phone. Later, I called him to send the shoes to the supermarket downstairs

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