Nike Classic Cortez 20210809

I can’t wait to put on the new shoes. It’s very light. It looks good with the pants. But there are some problems. The boat socks are always taken down. The shoe size is a little bit smaller but within the acceptable range

Whether it is goods or customer service are super nice! Because the previous size was not suitable, there was a return and exchange. After that, I was very satisfied with the goods. The size was also very suitable. The shoes were very beautiful and the workmanship was very good. There was almost no glue spilling. If the smell was just like the smell of new shoes, it should be OK after wearing them for a few days. There is a complete shoe box, the shoe box has a steel seal, the inappropriate size was given to the knowledgeable friends and said it was genuine, so this exchange did not go to check again, I also believe it is genuine! By the way, we should vigorously praise customer service 007, reply quickly, in place, very considerate to answer my doubts, excellent service der!

Nike Classic Cortez

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